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Archco Rigidon News
Archco-Rigidon Protects Petroplus Caustic Tank
Caustic soda tank at Coryton refinery protected with Archco Rigidon  

Contractors E.G. Lewis were recently contacted by Petroplus at its Coryton refinery to apply a new protective coating to a caustic soda tank, which is part of the process in the refineries' cracking plant. Because of the highly corrosive conditions, which are aggravated by the high temperature of the cracking process, E.G. Lewis approached us for a recommendation of the most suitable protective coating. Archco-Rigidon 423D coating system was chosen, which is based on glass flake vinyl ester. In order to remove the 15-year old former coating and to give good mechanical key for the Archco-Rigidon coating, the caustic soda tank interior was first shot blasted to swedish standard SA2.5 near white metal to achieve a minimum profile depth of 70 microns. The tank was then tested for chlorides before applying Archco-Rigidon PD2 primer.

Petroplus is Europe's leading independent refiner of petrolatum products, with five refineries in Europe of which Coryton is the flagship and largest, E.G. Lewis & Co are a South Wales based company and are the resident painting contractors for the refinery and have been for the past eight years.

Caustic soda tank at Coryton refinery protected with Archco Rigidon
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New Training Centre Opens

Archco-Rigidon have just opened a new training center at their London headquarters and factory premises. This new facility has been designed to demonstrate the company's range of resistant linings and coatings for steel and concrete. The area comprises a highly customised workshop which also includes the facility to film the product demonstrations. These features are all contained within a controlled environment which is safe for visitors/spectators and can be used all year round in any weather.

Archco-Rigidon are confident that using this new facility will enable them to fully demonstrate the virtues of their products and systems to customers as well as being a perfect venue to hold regular training sessions for the many applicators / contractors who need to keep abreast of the latest developments in this highly specialised field.


Archco-Rigidon Protects Oil Production Water Filler System

Archco Rigidon 403D protects oil production water filer system  

Forsyth Ltd of Rothes, Moray, N.E. Scotland, has just completed the fabrication of five vessels which make up a water disposal media filter system destined for oil production in Azerbaijan. In order to give maximum internal corrosion protection the vessels were first shotblasted and then given a spray application of Archco-Rigidon 403D vinyl ester flake glass filled coating. The two largest of the five vessels internally coated have a capacity of 268 cu.metres. The work was carried out by Forblast, who are Forsyth's specialist coating subsidiary company.

The contact was placed with Forsyth and Forblast by Petreco Ltd of Rugby, who was working directly for Azerbaijan International Operating Companies (AOIC). Member companies of AOIC include BP, Statoil and Exxon Mobil, among others. Once installed in Azerbaijan the Produced Water Disposal Media Filter System will allow significant increase in the production of oil.

Archco Rigidon 403D protects oil production water filer system
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