Protective Lining Systems
for Steel & Concrete
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Welcome to Archco Rigidon Industrial Linings

  • Up stream Refinery

    All types of corrosion covered from industrial linings, chemical affected tanks, exposed surface coatings in harsh environments full corrosion prevention.
  • Processing Plants

    With hot surface applications, where chemical resistance is required, and all types of CW systems.

  • Power generation

    Inclusive of Coal, Gas, and Nuclear Power, all types of corrosion applications undertaken including chemical storage and high impact abrasive zones anti-corrosion systems.
  • Offshore Wind Turbines

    Prior to installation subsea protection application, and splash zone anti-corrosion systems

  • Jack up Rig Protection

    Use of latest technology with glass flake coatings, long term quick application to exposed surfaces with bespoke Rigspray coating.
  • Chemical Processing Plants

    With the need for Corrosion Protection in the Harshest of Environments, high temperature zones and abrasive chemical resistance.
  • Storage Tanks and Bunded Areas

    Most types of harsh chemical storage tanks coated internally and externally with latest glass flake coatings.

  • LPG Storage Tanks

    All types of corrosion work undertaken including concrete bunds. Internal and external areas.

  • Power Storage Plants for wind Turbines

    Offshore and onshore, harsh sea borne environments and extreme seaspray exposure.

  • Fuel processing plants

    All external and internal structural steel works, bund works, and chemical tanks coated including all types and CW systems.
  • Chemical Storage Plants

    Concrete bund work, tank linings, structural works. Internal/external pipeworks, flange faces and valves.

  • Offshore Oil Platforms

    Subsea works, chemical tanks, linings, structural works and easy one coat application. All systems including potable water tanks.
  • Onshore wind turbines

    Sub terrain coatings, latest glass flake applications, bund work. Both leg and blade protection avalible with our Archco Rigidon Rigspray series.
  • Glass Flake Coating Technology

    For the use of both micronized and standardised Glass Flake, a torturous non-impregnable path is produced.


Archco-Rigidon corrosion resistant systems combine thermosetting resins with various types of reinforcements and fillers to produce tank linings, floor toppings and coatings that are able to resist most environments. The standard range of products includes glass flake reinforced linings and coatings, (which offer maximum protection to steel surfaces), and heavy duty concrete protection systems, (which prevent corrosion to tanks, bunds and floors). Custom design of systems is also considered.

All of the tank linings, coatings and flooring systems can be purchased for self installation or as an applied system direct from an Archco-Rigidon Approved Applicator (please consult Archco-Rigidon for advice). Archco-Rigidon can provide technical support, applicator training, contract supervision and inspection services if required. Besides being a major supplier in the UK, Archco-Rigidon has an extensive network of sales outlets worldwide.

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