Protective Lining Systems
for Steel & Concrete
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Reinforced Glass Flake Coatings & Linings
Corrosion Control Coatings & Linings


Archco-Rigidon glass flake linings are designed primarily for the protection of steel and are formulated from high performance resins combined with glass flakes.

The combination of high performance resins and glass flakes produces linings with outstanding performance characteristics. They can be applied by spray, brush or trowel.

In each system there will be approximately 125 layers of glass flakes in each lmm thickness of lining.

Storage tank handling warm effluent lined with Archco Rigidon 400 Series
Section through a glass flake lining showing even
distribution throughout the resin and their alignment
to the substrate
Storage tank handling warm effluent lined with Archco Rigidon 400 Series
Maginfied view of glass flakes
600 series showing stages of coating
Storage tank handling warm effluent lined with Archco Rigidon 400 Series
Top Coat
base coat
& primed
Storage tank handling warm effluent lined with Archco Rigidon 400 Series
700 Series showing stages of coating


  • Outstanding chemical and temperature resistance
  • Improved resistance to permeation
  • Excellent resistance to: Undercutting • Abrasion • Erosion • Impact
  • Profile restoration - can be used as a filler
  • Ability to follow contours
  • Flexible up to the deformation point of steel
  • Easy to repair
  • Can be used with cathodic protection
  • Machinable
  • Long life, low cost
  • Rapid cure


These linings are intended for the protection of either concrete or steel and are reinforced with membranes such as woven glass cloth, chopped strand mat, or synthetic cloth.

The use of the reinforcement helps to modify the expansion and contraction characteristics of the lining to more closely match that of the substrate. This allows the lining to operate at elevated temperatures and under fluctuating temperature conditions. It also reinforces the lining so that it can withstand physical abuse and impact damage as well as minor substrate integrity failures. eg. ‘hairline’ cracks in concrete.

Carbon fillers are used when the lining is to be exposed to Hydrofluoric Acid, caustic etc.




  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Complete protection for the substrate if exposed to physical or mechanical abuse
  • A monolithic system (unlike, for example, rubber or tiles)
  • Easy to repair
  • Will bridge live cracks
  • Long life, low cost
  • Rapid cure
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