Protective Lining Systems
for Steel & Concrete
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About Archco Rigidon

Archco-Rigidon linings and coatings are designed specifically to protect steel and concrete surfaces from aggressive environments. As well as having excellent corrosion resistance our systems have superior bond and permeation resistance and, where resistance to abrasion, impact and undercutting is important, many of the Archco-Rigidon lining systems greatly exceed the capacity of competitive materials. The coefficient of expansion is closely matched to that of the substrate,
whether steel or concrete, which ensures that the bond is unaffected over a wide range of temperatures.

Most materials are cold curing and can be applied either on site or in works. They are liquid during application, allowing for the quick and easy coating of complex shapes as well as the complete restoration of corroded or pitted surfaces. Most systems will harden rapidly and can be put into light service conditions within a few hours.

The history of Archco-Rigidon dates back to the early 1970’s. The Archco and Rigidon ranges of products developed their own extensive track records under the names of, in the case of Archco, Archco Ltd and Archco-Sprayglass Ltd and, in the case of Rigidon, Rigidon (UK) Ltd and Rigidon Resistant Materials Ltd. Both names became market leaders in the corrosion resistant lining field. In 1989 Archco Ltd was acquired by Winn & Coales International Ltd.

In 1993 Rigidon Resistant Materials Ltd was also acquired by Winn & Coales International Ltd who, themselves, are not only known as market leaders with their range of anti-corrosion wrapping tapes, but also have a growing involvement in the complementary technology of liquid coatings. The Archco and Rigidon operations were combined to create the Archco-Rigidon Division of Winn & Coales International to act as a major lining and coating manufacturer supplying through an established international network of outlets. Extensive track records in industries such as the offshore, power generating and chemical industries, dating back almost 20 years, have made Archco-Rigidon probably the most experienced supplier of its kind in the UK.

The combined financial and technical resources of the Winn & Coales Group has enabled Archco-Rigidon to build upon its already predominant position in the field of high performance linings and to develop the range of new and improved materials.

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